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Touch Screen POS System Guide

Features and Pricing

Touch screen POS systems have become commonplace. Right now point of sale touch screen system prices are at an all time low. The point of sale touch screen terminal is designed to perform as both monitor and mouse. An overlay has been added to the surface of the POS touch screen monitor. A signal is generated by touching different sensors embedded in the POS touch screen overlay. There are three basic types of POS touch screens used in touch screen systems to transmit this signal.

Resistive touch screen system technology works well in environments where people have wet hands, wear gloves or use a stylus. Two overlays are held apart by spacers and a scratch-resistant layer is placed on top. Contact is made by depressing the overlays together. The resistive touch screen system transmits about 75% of the light from the monitor. The resistive touch screen system usually costs less. /p>

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Capacitive Touch Screen Point of Sale System

Capacitive POS touch screens work best when your hands are dry. This POS touch screen system needs to be relatively clean and free from debris or dirt. People with long fingernails may have problems with a capacitive touch screen POS terminal. You may not use gloves, pencils or pens to use this touch screen POS system. The capacitive system transmits almost 90 percent of the light from the monitor. This gives the capacitive system a much clearer picture than the resistive system.

Acoustic Wave Touch Screen POS

Acoustic wave touch screen POS terminals work with wet hands, gloves, pencils, pens and almost anything else that touches the screen. Designed specifically for the point of sale industry it works off the sound vibration made when the screen is touched. The surface allows almost 100% of light through. This makes the acoustic touch screen POS system best for displaying detailed graphics. This technology is a little more expensive than Capacitive or Resistive, but is far more reliable than either of those technologies.

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